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I am Petr Fesyuk, a Tax Planner by heart and a CPA & EA by designation! I love helping you making life less taxing. It always brings joy to my heart when I help my clients save $10,000+ on taxes and see them prosper as an enterprenur living the american dream. 

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My Story

Hi. I’m Petr Fesyuk. Some might say a unique name, a foreign! Yep you are exactly right!

I was born in Sindi, Estonia and lived there for 9 years, then my family moved to Asheville, North Carolina were I lived most of my life. In 2014 I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.

I am a Tax Planner by heart and a CPA & EA by designations! I love working with numbers and helping you save dollars.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration & Accounting from Western Carolina University. I have years of experience in business and accounting.

Technology and tax law is always changing. To keep up with the best tax planning strategies and to provide you with best tax planning services I am continually involved in Professional Education and stay connected with the best minds in the tax industry.  


Every one of my clients is like family to me. Together we are a team helping each other to succeed.  


I am also a family guy with a beautiful wife Lena and five kids Matthew, Naomi, Sophia, Kelly and Andrew.

If you ever have a question? Never hesitate to email, call, or just stop by the office.  


Your Tax Coach for Real Estate Investors & Business Owners,
Petr Fesyuk, CPA, EA


Let's connect! 

Do you need any kind of tax service? 

Let us know how can we help.

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