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Resolve Your Tax Debt
from the Comfort
of Your Home

Life’s too short to worry about taxes. 

Get peace of mind as you work with a local tax debt relief professional! 

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Our Process


100% Free

Phase 1: Investigation

  • Initiate client protection

  • Establish communication on your behalf with IRS.

  • Review case options and determine the best path for your situation.

             (2-4 weeks)

Phase 2: Resolution

  • Work with the IRS to establishing compliance

  • Putting your tax resolution plan into action.

  • Work to achieve best resolution of your situation.

               (3-9 months)


Case Closed

The Easiest Way To Get Tax Relief

From your Trusted CPA, EA



Our Expert

Petr Fesyuk, CPA, EA

Hi. I’m Petr Fesyuk, I am an Accountant by heart and a CPA & EA by designation! I love working with the IRS to help you reduce your tax debt. 


I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration & Accounting from WCU with many years of experience in business and accounting. Blessed to be a family guy with a beautiful wife Lena and five kids awesome children. 


My goal is to reduce my client's tax debts to as little as possible. I understand that going through a tough time financially is hard enough as it is, and having the IRS or State breathing down your neck is very intimidating. 



I already recommend Petr to my friends and colleagues. But wanted to dote on him here because I really appreciate the ease and professionalism of working with him. We've used Petr for our taxes a number of years and I always walk away from our meetings feeling empowered and refreshed and I really appreciate that.


Leroy Leese



Get Out of Tax Trouble Now!

7113 Afton Drive, Knoxville, TN 37938

Tel: 865-270-0302

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